Enrollment at GATES

GATES is the alternative program for Franklin Pierce School District. We offer some curriculum online through APEX but we are not an online school. We offer competency-based learning opportunities for students to meet standards in English Language Arts, Mathematics, and Social Studies. GATES’ classes are of a traditional nature within a smaller environment; there are typically less than 15 students to a class. The graduation requirements are the same and students earn the same diploma that they would at a comprehensive high school. At GATES, we constantly strive to stay student-centered.
At GATES you have the opportunity to earn credits at an accelerated pace. For the 2022-23 school year, GATES will offer 5 periods a day for 8 terms providing the opportunity to earn up to 10 credits per year.  
Enrollment to GATES
If you are interested in applying to GATES High School, follow these steps:
If you attend FPHS or WHS (or live within their boundaries*)–
  • Go see your counselor – they will talk with you about why GATES might be a good fit for you
  • You and a parent/guardian will sign a referral form with your counselor
  • Your school will then send the referral form and your records to GATES for review
  • GATES will analyze the information and call with an approval or denial and discuss the next steps
    • If you are approved: GATES will schedule an intake meeting with you, your parent/guardian, and the principal and you will start at the next GATES Success Academy**
    • If you are denied: you will stay at your home school or you may want to find another alternative program
* Even if you do not attend FPHS or WHS but you live within their boundaries, you must be referred to GATES by a counselor there. If you are unsure whether you live within their boundaries, feel free to call them or the GATES registrar, Mrs. French at 253-298-4070.
** Attendance at GATES Success Academy (GSA) is 100% mandatory all days GSA is scheduled (3-4 days)
If you are out of Franklin Pierce School District boundaries GATES does not accept out-of-district students