Title I, Part A Right to be Informed

The Title I, Part A Program makes it possible to expand the basic educational programs schools and districts offer with services and interventions that support struggling learners. Title I, Part A is one of many programs governed by the Elementary and Secondary Education Act or ESEA.

Your Right to Know
ESEA directs schools and districts to notify parents about four key requirements of a Title I, Part A program.
1. Professional qualifications of teachers and paraprofessionals who instruct
2. Notification if your child’s teacher is not highly qualified
3. Individual report card that lets you know how your child is progressing
4. Notification that the school has entered school improvement because its students did not make Adequate Yearly Progress—meet the state standard in math or reading or both—for two school years in a row.

There are two kinds of programs schools can fund through Title I, Part A — schoolwide and targeted assistance.
1. Schoolwide means that all students—based on academic need—are eligible to receive the additional instruction this federal program will fund.
2. Targeted assistance makes it possible to provide the same benefits but only to selected students based on academic need.

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