Got Good Habits!

This year's focus is "Habits of Mind".  You'll see "Got Good Habits?" signs, posters, banners & even t-shirts around campus.

The Habits of Mind are an identified set of 16 problem solving, life related skills, necessary to effectively operate in society and promote strategic reasoning, insightfulness, perseverance, creativity and craftsmanship. The understanding and application of these 16 Habits of Mind serve to provide individuals with skills to work through real life situation that will equip them to respond using awareness, thought, and intentional strategy in order to gain a positive outcome.

These 16 habits are:

Thinking about Thinking  - Remaining Open to Continuous Learning - Finding Humor
    Responding with Wonderment and Awe  - Creating, Imagining and Innovating
Thinking Flexibly  -  Listening with Understanding and Empathy  -  Persisting
    Striving for Accuracy  -  Managing Impulsivity  - Questioning and Posing Problems
Applying Past Knowledge to New Situations  -  Thinking Interdependently
    Gathering Data Through All The Senses  - Taking Responsible Risks
            Thinking and Communicating with Clarity and Precision

These are positive habits that will not only help now but will continue to help you no matter where life takes you.