GATES Success Academy (GSA)

All new students will attend and pass GATES Success Academy prior to receiving their schedule. All students will need to be here from 7:25 to 1:50.

GATES Success Academy (GSA) is an orientation all students complete upon their entrance, or return, to GATES. We at GATES feel strongly that GSA is as critical component in setting students up for a successful school year, and students tend to agree; after completing GSA, students have reported increased levels of comfort on campus, that they feel GATES is a fit for them, and perhaps most importantly, that they feel confident they will graduate from high school. (source: Counseling Department Data, 2012-2014)

Among the goals of GSA are:

1. Welcome students to the GATES environment
2. Acclimate students to the particulars of the GATES schedule
3. Set realistic goals related to graduation
4. Encourage student ownership over graduation requirements