Principles That Guide Our Culture


In 2011, the GATES staff chose to adopt the Princples that Guide our Culture.  We held a staff retreat and brought in a facilitator to work with us specifically around our staff beliefs.  As this was to be a year of many changes, the staff collectively agreed that there needed to be a philosophical foundation to our practice, as well as a way to hold each other accountable.  Every year, staff review these principles and make a new commitment to holding ourselves and each other accountable.  Staff decided that they would like to sign this document and post it in every classroom, every year, as a declaration to our students of our commitment to one another and to them.  All students are trained in these principles during GATES Success Academy. They are:

We the GATES Community…

  •  Value every day as a new day
  • Believe diversity is strength to be embraced with open-mindedness, compassion, and empathy
  • Act with integrity and treat everyone with respect
  • Communicate honestly and openly under all circumstances
  • Show care, kindness and generosity towards each other
  • Are reflective learners who collaborate and support each other in continuous learning
  • Foster joy, laughter and celebration
  • Build sincere relationships with students
  • Advocate for student success
  • View conflict as an opportunity to communicate in an open, timely and healthy manner
  • Make every moment count 

…we choose to trust each other and be held accountable for this code of conduct