About Us

With the largest enrollment of the Franklin Pierce Alternative Programs, GATES High School most closely resembles the day-to-day set up of a traditional high school environment.  Students attend classes Monday through Friday and meet with their advisors daily during a 20 minute Check & Connect period. 

The accelerated 8 term schedule allows students to keep pace on a 5 period day, or they may work to recover missing credits by taking additional classes or online credit retrieval courses.   Subject-specific interventions provide support for students struggling to meet standards required for graduation.

GATES also offers many of the hallmarks of high school life including assemblies, field trips, Leadership, yearbook, and school pride apparel. 

Enrollment at GATES begins with a counselor referral at your home school, and orientation classes are held every 4 weeks.

A successful Gator...

  • makes attendance and homework a priority
  • takes pride in his/her role in the GATES community
  • is accountable for personal progress toward graduation